Smart Bandage – A Technological Innovation in the Health Sector

Smart Bandages in the Health Sector 

How can a doctor identify the wound is healed through the bandage? In the past, it was impossible, but now, smart bandage has fixed this issue. Surprisingly, You can check the status of the wound without taking off the Badange. 

Meanwhile, it is also known as smart dressing. It’s a tremendous technological innovation in the health sector. Since it’s equipped with a spiral antenna, it provides electrical stimulation to injured tissue. Therefore, it helps to make the healing process quicker. This technological innovation in health care was designed in  Wei Gao.

In this article, you will explore the functions, sensors, and benefits of this bandage.

Smart Bandage Sensors
Physiological Biomarker Detection
Wound Temperature Detection
Wound pH Detection
Wound Moisture Detection
Wound Oxygen Detection
Wound Interleukin-6 (IL-6) Detection
Wound blood pressure Detection
Wound Infection Status Detection
Wound Healing Status Detection
Wound Bacteria detection
Wound Glucose Detection
Wound Lactate Detection

How do Smart Bandages work?

The bandage falls under wearable technologies like Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, etc. The bandage works in three different ways.

  1. The wearable technology these bandages can transfer and monitor all the data throughout the period to your computer, tablet, mobile, or other preferred device. It makes the review analysis process easy for medical professionals. 
  2. Surprisingly, the bandage has a place where antibiotics are stored. Hence, depending on the injury status, antibiotics or other medication will be delivered to the affected area to treat the infection. 
  3. An electronic sensor also stimulates the tissue for faster healing.

Functions of Smart Bandage:

Functions of Smart Bandage

Although it has a lot of functions, the prominent roles are the following.

Maintain Moisture Levels:

The issue with traditional bandages is that they cannot keep the injury moist for a long time. Also, it’s a critical issue to maintain the right moisture level. Along with that, you have to remove the bandage to check the moisture level. 

Now, you don’t need to remove your bandage because the world is evolving with new technologies. The bandage has sensors and technical stuff to solve these critical issues. Therefore, you can monitor the moisture level and injury condition without removing the bandage. 

Deliver Medicine and Therapy:

Surprisingly, a bandage provides drugs and therapy to heal the injury quickly. This technology is incredible because chronic wounds are tricky to recover rapidly, and proper medical treatment is challenging. Due to this, bandages are necessary to use in such situations. Surprisingly, diabetic injuries can heal quicker through this than conventional dressings.

Measure the Injury Remortly:

Previously, visiting a doctor was a tricky and hectic process. First, you have to make appointments and then wait for your turn, and many other irrelevant activities are required for the checkup.

Now, the Healthcare Technological innovation Advanced Bandage solves this issue. Your consult doctor remotely analyses your injury or wound condition and guides you accordingly. This advanced treatment not only reduces your visits to the doctor but also saves you time as well. Therefore, it is considered the best medical accessory to heal the injury. Hence, these advanced bandages tremendously contribute to the health sector, just like Artificial Intelligence.

How is Smart Bandage beneficial in the Health Sector?

Human Skin can regenerate itself regardless of significant or minor injury. However, sometimes, due to some other diseases like disabilities, it cannot be restored and even interrupts the healing process. Therefore, nonhealing injuries are the cause of infections and other problems. In the US, almost 6 Million people are living with nonhealing wounds. Therefore, these bandage is a God’s gift for chronic patients. The following are the primary benefits.

  1. Surprisingly, technology has evolved and is always eager to solve your problems. Now, you don’t need to panic due to injuries. The Bandage is there to fix your damages and provide real-time status. 
  2. A traditional Bandage only contains an absorbent material layer, while a bandage combines stretchy polymer containing electronics and medication. Therefore, this electronic allows the enabled sensor to monitor the condition and update the injury status. 
  3. The sensor can monitor the molecules like uric acid and conditions like pH level and state of the wound compared to the previous position.
  4. It optimizes healing with less infection risk and minimal tissue manipulation.


Limitations of Smart Bandage

The bandage is a phenomenal technological innovation in the health sector. However, like other technical tools, it also contains some limitations. Some limitations are discussed in the following.


It is a common understanding that the bandage is equipped with technical stuff like chips, sensors, etc, which is why it has its own cost—and is considered relatively expensive compared to traditional bandages.

Data Reading:

Since the monitored data is in the medical language, you need a consultant or professional or specialized training to understand and interpret the results.

Chance of disfunction:

Since this advanced bandage relies on electronics and sensors, the sensor would stop working or fail to function correctly at any point, so there is the risk of unclear results. Therefore, it leads to wrong interpretations, which is a risky situation.

Bandage can monitor chronic wounds and dispense drugs | Engadget Today by Engadget

Final Verdict:

Nowadays, this healthcare technology innovation, smart bandage, is still growing. However, it successfully makes its place among other innovations because of its outstanding applications. Undoubtedly, soon, the use of smart bands will overtake the use of conventional ones. 


How does Smart band work?

It monitors the state of injury and gives updates regarding the compression of previous and current positions. Also, it provides antibiotics and medication according to the injury requirements.  

Does bandage have a limit or functionality?

Undoubtedly, it is a remarkable technological innovation in the health sector with numerous benefits and functions. However, it has some limitations, like other specialized tools as well. One primary limitation is cost because it is an expensive tool compared to traditional bandages.

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