Apple Vision Pro Review and Critical Analysis

Apple Vision Pro Review
Apple Vision Pro transforms app usage with a dynamic canvas, letting you seamlessly switch tasks while staying aware of your surroundings.

Imagine moving to a world where reality blends with fantasy and a virtual dream world. New tech advancements broaden your vision and allow you to experience virtual reality.

It’s a headset that’s a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. The Vision Pro Apple headset can perform just like a computer and convert the digital world into existence. Thus, Apple named it a Spatial Computer rather than a Headset.

Apple Vision Specs

Display4K micro OLED 
ColorSilver and Grey
Refresh Rate90Hz
Weight 1 Pound (453.592)
Security Optic ID
Number of Cameras12
ProcessorM2, R1
Battery 2 Hours
Launched Febaury 3, 2024

Apple Vision Pro Features :

Apple Vision features are undoubtedly uncountable, but some prominent features are discussed in the following.

  1. Since all the navigational processes proceed through your eyes, there is no need to control them through physical activity.
Apple Vision Pro Gestures
  1. To open any app, all you have to do is keep your eyes on that app and use hand gestures as a tap to signal to open the app.
  2. Connect Bluetooth keyboards, Mouse, Game controllers, Mice, and trackpads to the device.
  3. The 3d camera is embedded in Apple Vision to capture pictures and videos in a 3-dimensional way. You can also view them as a 3d version.

Apple Vision Performance:

It is a combination of virtual and augmented reality. However, unlike augmented glasses, it block all your surroundings from experiencing the virtual world

Meanwhile, the exterior and interior cameras keep aligning the augmented reality while wearing the device. Also, the cameras can read the space around you and work accordingly. 

Apple Vision Pro Elements:

It’s impossible to cover all elements of Apple Pro in one article. However, some of the essential and prominent elements are discussed in the following. It will help you to understand what exactly the device is and how you can benefit from it.

  1. Design
  2. Audio
  3. VisionOS
  4. Display
  5. Processors
  6. Cameras
  7. Price

Apple Vision Design:

Apple Vision Pro design

We are living in an advanced technological wearable devices era. These wearables make human life super easy and entertaining. 

Since it is Apple’s wearable spatial commuting device, apple does not call it a headset. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s Rayban Meta Glasses contain many features, but the most prominent 3D part is missing. Therefore, Apple Vision now fills the gaps and has all the necessary exciting features.

Although Lookviser resembles VR and Meta Quest, its features make it different. Also, it’s a wearable that is worn over the head.

Apple Vision Pro Design details

Glass and Color: Apple featured a three-dimensional laminated glass. The glass has a curved aluminum alloy frame to wrap quickly around your face. Meanwhile, the color is silver and grey light seals.

Light Selas: The frame connects magnetically through light seals to fit around your face. Also, Apple Vision offers light seals based on your face’s size and requirements. Wearing a tight fit is necessary to block out all the external surroundings.

Flexibility: It allows Apple Pro to function correctly. Also, the light seal is flexible and comfortable because it ensures individual comfort and correct face shape while wearing this device. 


Apple Vision Pro Audio

The sides of the Apple Visio Pro have two audio straps. Also, the speakers will be placed next to your ears to give a perfect sound experience. These audio speakers are built with spatial audio support. 

Meanwhile, the straps are equipped with 3d fabric to ensure the comfort of the back with adjustable tightening of fit.


Apple Vision Pro VisionOs

The operating system of it contains “visionOS,” which was designed explicitly for this device. Surprisingly, it provides an infinite canvas that covers the entire space of the user’s place.

Apple redesigned apps like Safari, Messenger,  Facetime, and others in 3D environments for this particular device. Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad apps are not 3d optimized; however, they can be used in virtual canvas. 


Apple Vision Pro Display

Since its display is equipped with two micro-OLEDs, it provides over 23 million pixels, which is higher than a 4k display.

Meanwhile, Apple Refresh Rate is 90Hz, but you can also enable a 96Hz refresh rate during 24 fps visuals.

Surprisingly, it enables external EyeSight display as well. It allows the viewer to see the wearer’s eyes. It helps to understand that the wearer has viewing less augmented reality mode or fully immersive virtual reality mode.

Furthermore, the external display alarm others if you are recording any video or function of the camera. 

By paying a little extra, You can also use Emreger Zeiss Optical with your perception if you wear glasses.

Since it has yet to be launched, I can not state the hardware statistics of this device.  

Apple Vision Pro Processors:

Apple Vision Pro Processor

It is enabled with dual chips. The one is M2, which has also been previously enabled in Macbook Air. The M2’s job is processing content, running the visionOS operating system, executing algorithms, and maintaining the quality of Graphics.

On the other hand, the second brand-new chip is R1. It is responsible for reading information from 12 cameras, 6 mics, and 5 sensors. It shows you pictures within 12 milliseconds and almost 8x faster than you blink your eye.

Furthermore, Vision Pro is also enabled with the thermal system to maintain heat. This system silently removes heated elements inside the device. 


Apple Vision Pro Security

Security is always a top priority, no matter how advanced the device you have. Therefore, Apple enables its device to have clear indications. Whenever you record a video or capture an object, the device gives others a signal that you are recording a video.

Apple Vision Pro Cameras:

Apple Vision Pro Camera

Apple Vision features a 3-dimensional camera for the first time. Meanwhile, it is enabled with 12 cameras. However, two cameras provide a billion pixels per second to the display. At the same time, the rest of the cameras are used for head and hand tracking and 3d Mapping.

Following are the prominent features of the Apple camera. 

  1. The panorama that is captured through the iPhone will expand and wrap around you in the space you sit. It makes you feel like you were there when the picture was taken.
  2. Surprisingly, it allows you to capture your favorite memories with Spatial audio. This Spatial feature lets you time travel by watching their photos and videos.
  3. You can access your iCloud library through Apple Vision and enjoy your photos on a life-size scale.
  4. You can enjoy tons of details in colors and quality as well.

Price Ranges:

Apple Vision cost

The Vision Pro Apple cost is $3499. Remember that the Vision Pro is available in limited markets. This limitation is in the marketing plan of Apple’s new products due to their high price and the devices’ complexity.
Australians who wish to buy the Vision Pro will probably have to do so from the US through a carrier. There’s no assurance that Australia will rank highly among Apple’s priority launch markets, at least not for the first half 2024.

Meanwhile, according to the configuration, the prices are:

  • 512GB configuration: $3,699
  • 1TB configuration: $3,899
  • Included in the package:
    • Headset
    • Battery pack
    • Dual Loop Band
    • Cover
    • Light seal cushion
    • Polishing cloth
    • 0W USB-C Power Adapter
    • USB‑C Charge Cable


The device features an external battery pack, which resembles an iPhone and connects to the headset through a cable.

Employing a tethered battery system allowed Apple to decrease the weight of the Vision Pro headset. Also, it is noticeably lighter than competing products.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date:

The device was in the development phase for almost a decade and launched on Febuary 3, 2024, from January to April.

In the initial ten days, Apple has already moved 200,000 units.

The Vision Pro headsets, available for launch day home delivery, sold out within hours of pre-orders being launched. In-store pickup options quickly followed suit.

Critical Analysis of Headset:

Although we want everything perfect, some gaps are always present.
Undoubtedly, the Apple Vision comes with unique features. However, the significant need is knowing how to enjoy 3-dimensional movies with your friends. After wearing it, you will be cut off from the real world and unable to interact with your friend sitting beside you.

Moreover, Apple has a huge list that is supposed to align with its new tech devices. Ultimately, you will see them in upcoming devices. 

Final Verdict:

Apple creates a creative fusion of virtual and augmented reality in Apple Vision. You can also explore all Apple Vision Pro features in the Apple store. Remember, it’s not just a wearable technological device but eliminates a boundary between the real and virtual worlds. Although Apple Vison Pro’s battery life is 2 hours, however, it can stay alive when connected to power.

Lastly, it’s acceptable that the price is high. However, it will be valuable for your future because Apple focuses on customer’s preferences and spending.


When was Apple Vision Pro launched?

It was launched on February 3, 2024.

What is the most promising feature of Vision Pro Apple?

The 3 dimensional part and unique straps cut you from the real world and provide a complete virtual world experience. 

How much is Apple Vision Pro?

The cost is $3499.

In which countries will wearable Apple Vision Pro is available?

Along with the United States and United Kingdom, China, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, India, Italy, and South Korea, the Vision Pro Apple is available.

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